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Arma virumque canō, Trōiae quī prīmus ab ōrīs
Ītaliam, fātō profugus, Lāvīniaque vēnit
lītora, multum ille et terrīs iactātus et altō
vī superum saevae memorem Iūnōnis ob īram;
multa quoque et bellō passūs, dum conderet urbem,               
inferretque deōs Latiō, genus unde Latīnum,
Albānīque patrēs, atque altae moenia Rōmae.


I am a Italo-Finn; that means, that I hold citizenship in both countries and while I was born and grew up in Italy, I now abide to the social contract of the Finnish state. I decided to open this blog because I’m sick and tired of being told that as Europeans, we need to stick together with the Americans to defend ourselves from Russia. The whole Russia narrative is ridiculous; if it’d be a movie, the audience would complain that the plot is too absurd to even be enjoyable. While most European media abides to the transatlantic narrational diktat, I believe that there must be more Europeans like me - Europeans who see the complete illogicality of the narrative, Europeans who want peace, Europeans who don’t want to be told what to do from a country geographically located on the other side of the globe. 


The doubt, it might start from something little - maybe you wonder where are all of these Russian troll and bots, when you haven’t read anything positive about the country for about a decade; perhaps you read the Taliban Bounty story and you asked yourself “wasn’t the whole point of the war that the Talibans wanted to kill the Americans?” or maybe you’re just trying to understand why Russia, which covers a surface of 17.1M square kilometres, would ever want to conquer the Baltic states, three tiny pieces of land who don’t even have any natural resource under their soil. Or maybe you’re an old school anti-imperialist, and then you know with certainty, that it is not Russia which started all of the latest wars. Or could it be, that you’re wondering what dangerous things Russia is going around saying, when our own governments do everything they can to prevent you from listening to their side of the story?


What I gather from this framework is that we, as Europeans, are fed this narrative of the “Aggressive Russia” because the unelected political elite in the EU wants us to be scared of Russia - so that they can keep subordinating the interests of the European people to be able to live in peace, as an independent entity, on our continent, to the interests of the United States of America of keeping us subjugated, and having a trusted ally who will help them starting wars and destroying other countries. There is no European institution which is not controlled by the United States; our defence, our foreign policy, our energy market, our media. This needs to stop. Europe must reclaim her independence. Europe must cater to the interests of her own people, especially in a time like now, when China is rising, Central Asia is growing, and all in all, a very clear geopolitical shift is happening. The dawn of the American Empire is close - and we cannot, we must not go down with them. History repeats itself, everyone knows that; after the fall of the Roman Empire Europe closed down to the Eurasian connection and went straight to the Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Age; a time when Europe did not know who she was, too busy with infighting and trying to be like the Roman Empire, rather than be reborn as her renewed self. What ended that unfortunate period, it was the Rinascimento, the Renaissance; Europe re-found her identity in research, art, culture and trade. That’s when the first universities were born; when trade along the Silk Road flourished; when philosophers and thinkers set the ground for modern political science. Europe sits in the Eurasian continent - our wellbeing is tied to the wellbeing of all others who share this piece of land with us, from Russia going through Iran and India, and ending up in China. We are one piece of land; our fortunes and fates are, have always been, and will always be tied together. 


In 2014, a Eurobarometer poll found that about 69% of Europeans would want to elect the Head of the Commission (pag. 29); yet 2014 was an eventful year, a year when more than one country was occupied. Since 2014 on, the will of the European people for a full democracy has been stifled; transnational parties are few and in between, and never concern themselves with giving the European people control (or even knowledge really) over foreign policy (Europeans are also overwhelmingly in favour of a common foreign policy and defence strategy, by the way). I think this needs to change. I didn’t vote for some foreign politician to decide that we have to be Americans (a synonym for Westerner); I want to have a choice. I want to have the choice of being independent; and the first step towards independence, right now, is fixing our understanding of Russia. Dispelling the thick, mendacious, foreign fog which keeps us separated in our own continent. America doesn’t care if her stupid games start a war in Europe, but we do. Or better said, our unelected European political leadership should. 


Whatever your reasons for doubting the truthfulness of our own governments, the good-faith of the European Union, and the effectiveness of their foreign policy strategy, I’ll let you know - you’re not alone. It’s just that we are scattered all around, and we cannot communicate, and we cannot organise ourselves, because we’re continuously gas-lighted and made to believe that if we disagree with the West’s official narrative, then we must be swayed by some other country. The current leadership is doing everything they can to keep us away from Russia, from China, from the rest of Eurasia but especially, they’re doing everything they can to keep the European people’s will out of European decision making. And we shouldn’t let them. We should reclaim our right to peace, our right to independence, and our right to get along with our neighbours. We need to reclaim our unique identity as Europeans, as the Westernmost people of the Eurasian supercontinent. We have been coping with all the completely different peoples populating Eurasia for millennia, we can do it again. I’m not a Westerner, I am European. And I bet there’s more like me around Europe.